Victory Lap!

After two days of driving, we arrived in Ventura.

The trip was long and uneventful.  Without two tons of stuff (literally) the coach seemed to fly down the highway.  We had planned to stop in Mesquite for the night, but we made good time and decided to stay at the Oasis RV Park on the south end of Las Vegas.  Driving through Vegas would be easier on a Sunday evening than a Monday morning.  Fortunately, the Oasis park had plenty of spaces and gave us a pull-through for the night.  We had dinner at a Baja Fresh and immediately went to bed.

On the second day of the drive, the trip from Las Vegas to Ventura was about what we expected.  Except for the lousy California roads, the trip was uneventful and we pulled into the Ventura RV Park around 3:30 in the afternoon.  After quickly setting up, which was easy with an empty rig, we headed to the hospital to visit CeeCee.  The hospital kicked us out around 6:00 PM and we spent the rest of the evening with family.