Mount Garfield


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You have reached the Marty and Jeanne website!

This site shares our experiences as full-time RV travelers as we roamed the country.  Our three year odyssey included the planning and travels of our dream trip to see the country and hopefully find a place where we could retire to live a quiet and fulfilling life.  We call it our Excellent Adventure.

Yes, we really did this.  We sold the house, put everything in storage, bought a motorhome and headed out.  No time limit, no expectations and no assurances it was a good idea.  Just the belief that it would all work out in the end.

Most of this triplog was written on a contemporary basis and reflects our thoughts as the trip unfolded.  By reading this triplog you will learn the good, bad and ugly of the RV lifestyle and share our discovery that we live in a big, beautiful country filled with interesting and industrious Americans.

A few contemporary notes were added recently when the triplog was edited to provide some context, but most of the triplog is in its original form.

So, sit back, click here for the Triplog and enjoy the ride!