Escrow Closes!

Today is the big day.

We met the broker at the house and received the keys and garage door clicker.  There were no problems with the close, all funds were received and would be disbursed as agreed.  The house was ours.

It was time to get to work.  The first stop was the post office to get the mailbox key changed and to hold our mail while we’re in California.  Fortunately, we got there before anyone left and were able to get everything done on the list.  In Los Angeles, it would have been a fight after a 30 minute wait.

We returned to the coach, fired it up and headed for the house.  Mid-morning on Friday, there was little traffic in the neighborhood and we could unload without disturbing anybody.  Within two and a half hours, the coach was empty.  It is hard to believe that everything we needed to live could be moved by hand in such a short period of time.  You really can make yourself quite comfortable with very little.  Within three hours, the coach was back at the RV park and we were cleaning it will extreme prejudice.  We scrubbed it top to bottom until it was as clean as the day we picked it up.  We even vacuumed the underneath storage areas.

The folks interested in buying the rig stopped by and informed us they would take a pass.  We were relieved.  The transaction would have been too complicated and selling to a dealer in California would be a cleaner deal.  It was one of those stick-to-the-original-plan moments, although it would cost us a few bucks.

By the end of the day, between the unloading and cleaning the coach, we were dead tired.  Dinner was fast food.

Sleeping arrangements were marginal.  Our good mattress was in the house and we had to use the mattress from the pop-out bed, which was too short, too thin and too narrow.  It would not be a restful night.