Making Preparations

The past two days were mostly spent mostly trying to stay busy.

We managed to get in one last workout at the small gym in Fruita by convincing the new owner, a real weenie, that we were paid up until the 27th.

Knowing that we would be moving out of the coach, we have been slowly eating our way through food supplies.  Except for packages of Blue Ice and a bottle of Tabasco sauce, the fridge is empty.  Jeanne boxed up the stuff we have in the rig and I concentrated on preparing the underneath storage.  The rig even got a sponge bath.  Here’s the plan: after receiving the keys, we pull the rig up to the house and unload all but the bare essentials.  Essentially, everything goes but the sleeping bag, some clothes and a few things we will need for the move.  With the coach unloaded, we leave for California at the earliest possible moment.  In fact, by unloading the coach, the house will have everything we need to live with the exception of a refrigerator.

After making a few last-minute calls to confirm the transfer of funds and reservations in Las Vegas and Ventura, there was nothing else to do but go to bed and lay awake worrying if something would go wrong.