We get lucky

Plans for the day included picking up the mattress, visiting CeeCee and make final arrangements to sell the coach in Los Angeles.

Selling the coach in Los Angeles would mean a 130 mile round trip drive through traffic and a possible hassle with the dealer.  We were not looking forward to this necessary evil, but we could see no way out.  Then, we got lucky.

While driving to storage to pick up the mattress, Jeanne noticed a balloon floating over the local RV dealer with the words “RV SALE” on it.  She reasoned that if they were selling, they might also be buying.  Sound logic and we decided to give it a try after wrestling with the mattress.  We stopped by that morning and fortunately were able to talk with the General Manager.  We discussed our situation and told him what the Los Angeles dealer was offering.  He said he would match it, but wanted to see the rig first.  We arranged to meet at the coach at 2:00 PM.  Upon inspection, it was clear he liked the rig and commented how we kept it in top condition.  We finalized the price, shook hands and would meet at 10:30 the next morning to sign papers.

It would be our last night in the coach.