Uphill and Crab Legs

Jeanne was still not quite up to doing a workout, but I was out of excuses.  The morning was a little warm and humid and the hilly roads promised to be a challenge.  I took off down the road towards the volunteer fire station, which was about a mile away.  Unfortunately, the way to the fire station was mostly downhill — meaning the return was mostly uphill and steep at times.  What an effort!  Once again I proved that most problems in life are self-inflicted.  It took my knees two days to recover.

The area surrounding Rogers is mostly rolling hills covered with oak and pine.  There are bugs, but most of the land is well drained and the mosquito population is kept in check.  The weather can be hot this time of year, but this has been an unusually cool summer.  The people are friendly and due to the success of Walmart and Tyson, the local towns are generally prosperous.  Overall, we like it here.  We are seriously considering settling in this area and want to see as much of the region as possible.

After cleaning up, Don dropped by for a tour of the coach and was most impressed.  We then departed in Don’s Cadillac (a real cruiser) for a tour of Rogers and the area north of the lake.  For dinner, Don hosted us at a all-you-can-eat crab leg dinner at a local restaurant.  The number of crab legs Don consumed was astonishing.  It was a great meal and a real treat for us.

We returned to the coach and slept soundly.