The Return of Faye

Here was the plan for the day:  Faye would be returning from a business trip late in the afternoon and we would meet Don at his house before going to the airport to pick her up.  Afterwards, Don would fix dinner at his house.

We had the morning to ourselves and set off to explore the towns along I-540; Rogers, Springdale, Bentonville, Fayetteville, etc.  We also wanted to stop by a Kinko’s to update the computers.  The morning went according to plan and we were impressed with how prosperous the area was.  There was development everywhere we went.  We also noticed lots of young families with kids, which is a good indicator that the local economy is creating lots of jobs.  Along the way, we stopped by a business selling Fleetwood manufactured homes and went through the models.  We were somewhat underwhelmed, but we were curious about the concept and suppose a manufactured home would work in certain circumstances.

On one of the running-oriented websites, I noticed a 5K/10K run scheduled for Labor Day in Rogers.  In a moment of temporary insanity, I registered for the 5K run and paid the $20 entry fee.  Hopefully, it will rain buckets on Labor Day and the event will be cancelled.

In the afternoon, we picked up Faye at the new Northwest Arkansas Regional airport and immediately headed back to their house where Don prepared an excellent shrimp stir-fry dinner.  Afterwards, we played dominoes late into the night.

On our way back to the coach, we were stopped at a sobriety checkpoint.  No problem.  We were soon back at the coach and dreaming pleasant dreams.