Boxley Canyon

Finally, Jeanne was feeling up to a workout.  The morning was cool and clear.  This time, we headed away from the fire station to avoid the long, steep grade.  There were challenging hills, but nothing sustained.  Jeanne was happy to find that despite two weeks of flu and recovery, she was able to pick up about where she had left off.

After a quick shower, we spent a few minutes scrubbing the bugs off the front of the coach and installing the sunshield.  Shortly before noon, Faye and Don dropped by and it was Faye’s turn to tour the coach.

We piled into the Cadillac and with Don at the wheel, we took off for a long drive through the areas east and south of Rogers.  The countryside was really, really nice and was the sort of area we had envisioned for ourselves to settle in.  Along the way we saw rolling hills, farms, cattle pastures and stands of trees.  Some of the area was truly remote.  Our route took us through a small portion of the Buffalo National River that flows through the Boxley canyon.  Once again, we were amazed at how nice the area was and how few people there were.  If this park had been anywhere close to Los Angeles, the resource would have been pounded to dust, spray painted and covered with trash.  On a beautiful weekend day, there were less than a half dozen people around and a check of the trail along the river revealed extremely light use.

On the return trip, we stopped in Eureka Springs for a light dinner.  Faye and Don dropped us off at the coach before dark and we spent the rest of the evening reading and watching old movies on DVDs.