The drive to Rogers, Arkansas

The drive to Rogers, Arkansas would be relatively short and we were in no hurry to leave.  After a leisurely breakfast, we finally got going around 10:00 AM.  Except for gusty winds, the drive was about what we expected.  The campground is outside of Rogers on Beaver Lake and the farther from town you drive, the narrower the roads become.  After winding our way along the lakeshore, we finally reached our destination: not the most aesthetically pleasing, but it will do.  Once we got set up, we met Don at his house on the lake. Faye was working out of town.

A little background: Faye and Don are close friends from Los Angeles; Jeanne and Faye were coworkers for several years.  Faye and Don retired and left Los Angeles to settle in Northwest Arkansas.  Eventually they build a house on Beaver Lake, which is an Army Corps of Engineers lake that provides water and recreational opportunities to the region.  During the past nine years they had become part of the community in Rogers, Arkansas.  We (mostly Jeanne) have kept in close contact and visited them from time to time.  Back to the story. . .

After talking for a while at his house, Don took us to an excellent Chinese buffet where we ate way too much.  We returned to his house and talked late into the night before heading for the coach.