Travel to Canyon Lake, Not The Best Day

We set out for a campground near Canyon Lake.

The day started out uneventful, but it was destined to get weird.  To start, we hit a thunderstorm with raindrops the size of the Jeep Liberty.  Next, when we arrived at the campground, the host informed us there was not a space available and we would have to wait.  It was time for Plan B.  We unhooked the Jeep and took off in search of lunch and a place to stay.  We found both about six miles down the road in the small town of Sattler.  We finally set up camp at a place called River Valley RV Park along the Guadalupe River.  Here’s a hint:  don’t order a Reuben Sandwich in Sattler, Texas.  Ever.

Contemporary note:  The weirdest things happen on the road.  Most of the time things go according to plan but sometimes it seems like nothing goes right.  We learned not to fight it.  Go with the flow, always have a Plan B and always remember the money solves problems.