Our stay in Sattler near Canyon Lake

We spent three nights in Sattler, Texas.

The first day we picked up the mail before setting off for Canyon Lake.  Once again the countryside was beautiful, but the area’s proximity to San Antonio is apparent.  The area has been discovered and new homes are being built everywhere.  Weekends during the summer must be a madhouse.

The big industry on the Guadalupe River is rafting using all sorts of floating devices.  Inner tubes, kayaks and rafts are all used.  On a hot summer day, this is a place to avoid.

Apparently, the water released from Canyon Lake into the Guadalupe River is cold enough to support trout.  The banks of the Guadalupe was lined with anglers hoping for the lucky catch.  Very few fish were caught.

The workout was a challenge.  The campground seems to be in the middle of fire-ant city and laying on the ground for Pilates was risky.  We found a long and seldom used road that was perfect for running.  It was the first time running in warm, humid weather, but I did a slow two mile run without a problem.  I’m getting close to a 5K.

The second day in Sattler we took a day trip to San Antonio to visit the Alamo, which turned out to be very similar to the Spanish missions in California.  It looked totally indefensible and the small number of defenders probably made things worse.  It was interesting visiting the site and it was surprising what a large role it played in the history of the area.

Nearby the Alamo is the River Walk section of San Antonio.  The city did an excellent job of developing the river which runs through the old downtown section.  Both sides of the river are lined with trendy restaurants and shops.  You have to descend to the River Walk, so I would suppose it is a cool place to hang out on a hot summer day.  We had a very good Mexican lunch before leaving.