Our Stay at Marble Falls

Marble Falls is a really nice town with nice people and everything you would need locally, including a Walmart Supercenter and Home Depot.  We decided to stay here a few extra days to get the feel of the place and take advantage of the good weather.

One day, we took a side trip to Lampasas, a small town where Jeanne used to live.  After driving around the town for 40 minutes, Jeanne finally recognized the house.  It was small, maybe 500 square feet and in an older part of town.  Strange that she had lived there over 30 years ago when Andy was born.  A lot has changed since then.

Another day, we took advantage of the good weather and launched the kayaks to explore the lake.  We paddled both east and west of the camp and saw some very nice homes.  We didn’t do any fishing.  Several people commented on the setup and breakdown of the kayaks, saying the folding kayaks are a great idea and seem to work well.

There wasn’t a flat place to run near the lake, so I opted for a one-week membership at the local gym.  I was surprised at how well equipped the place was and the steady stream of members.  It so happened there was a local election and I got glad-handed by one of the local politicians soaking in the hot tub.  I said he was a good man and he had my vote.

We enjoyed some really great meals.  First on the list was the catfish place that warranted two trips during our stay.  Next was the cafe recommended by the gym employees, where we had an excellent Italian meal with a very drinkable Chianti.  We also had an excellent Italian lunch in Fredericksburg on the recommendation of a local.  Finally, there was the Blue Bonnet Cafe, somewhat of an institution in the town and known for its pies.

One day, we set out for Fredericksburg and Jeanne half-joking asked to stop at the LBJ ranch.  Well, it turned into an all-morning ordeal complete with movie and tour of the ranch.  We were not aware that LBJ was buried on the property and the tour included a stop at the family gravesite.  Seeing his image and hearing his voice brought back memories, none of which were pleasant.  Now I remember why I disliked him so.  Interestingly, there were no young people on the tour.

Finally, one day we took a long drive through the countryside passing through Llano along the way.  The countryside looked much the same, but the drive was relaxing.

A word about the people in the area.  We found you can’t do anything without being nice about it.  For example, when we arrived at the bank a few minutes after closing, the branch manager unlocked the door and pointed us in the direction of the drive-up tellers.  An inquiry at Walmart about lactose-free cheese led to meal planning for the rest of the week.  Best of all, asking where to buy propane on Sunday resulted in a five-person debate, consulting two phone books and three phone calls, one of which was to the bank across the highway from the location to get the phone number.  Yep, the bank had the phone number of the propane dealer.  I was trapped by nice people trying to help and there was no graceful way to end the conversation.

Although there are a lot of retirees in the area, there are enough young people and families in Marble Falls to keep the place current with the times.  We found a coffeehouse with a wireless internet connection right across the bridge from the campground.  We also found that there were enough young people to support a few trendy restaurants and cafes.  The town had a nice feel to it and it is definitely on the A list.

It’s time to move on and Jeanne has us lined up for about four more weeks in Texas.  The next stop is close to Canyon Lake, a few miles north of San Antonio.