On the Road to Marble Falls

Another travel day.  After a quick field repair to Jeanne’s glasses, we set off for Marble Falls, a small town in the Texas hill country.

The closer to Marble Falls we got, the nicer the countryside became.  This part of Texas is mostly gentle hills covered with oak and cypress, with an occasional cleared area for farming or grazing.  It is really a nice area and each of the towns has a character all its own.  One in particular, Fredericksburg somewhat reminded us of Solvang.  We also passed the LBJ ranch.

The RV park was on a hillside overlooking the lake and opposite Marble Falls.  There were some tense moments maneuvering into the site.  If I had walked the road first, I probably would have found somewhere else to stay for the week.  It was probably as close to driving the coach off a cliff as I will ever come.