Too much Starbucks

It would be a long drive to Van Horn, Texas, so we got up early, fueled the coach and hit the road by 7:30 AM.

The fuel depot was a little suspect, since the price was about ten cent lower than any of the surrounding stations.  Hmmmm, could it be they are bringing fuel across the Mexican border which is just a few miles to the south?  The diesel seemed to burn o.k. as the coach hummed down the highway.  No problemo.

The trip to Van Horn was just as boring this time as it was last time.  The area around Las Cruces, New Mexico did pique our interest and we plan to return to check out the area.  Aside from the drive through El Paso, the road ran through open country.

On long stretches like this, we listen to the trucker-chatter on the CB radio.  Close to El Paso, two guys got into it on the CB.  Our CB is small and could only pull in one side of the conversation, but one trucker was accusing the other of being a child molester over and over and over again. In view of recent news reports, we thought it was rather topical.  At first it was hilarious, but after ten miles it wasn’t funny anymore and several guys on the channel told him to give it a rest, which only fueled the fire.  Too much Starbucks and too many miles.

Just past Las Cruces traffic slowed as it passed a big-rig on its side in the center-divider.  It was an ugly scene.

We pulled into Van Horn in the mid-afternoon and set up.  My back was killing me and it was a relief to get out of the driver seat.  The RV park was cheap, efficient and situated in the middle of a town that is slowing withering away.  I sensed something strange about the park as soon as we walked into the office.  Maybe it was the three oversized bibles conspicuously displayed around the office.  Or maybe it was the rotating bible-quote screen savers on the computer.  Perhaps it was the morning prayer schedule for the month of May we received at check in.  The give-away was the permanent concrete block stage/pulpit/cross area that dominated one end of the campground.  Ah-ha!  Avoid conversation with this woman at all costs!  We would sleep secure knowing the Lord would not allow this location to be struck by lightening.

Dinner was a mediocre meal at the Mexican restaurant across the street.  Actually, it was Main Street.  No need to run across the street — the ONLY traffic threats were tumble weeds pushed along by the warm west Texas wind.