Acetone anyone?

It was another long travel day through open country.

For readers who have never experienced west Texas, the area is about one inch of rainfall away from being a desert.  Most of the vegetation is sparse and drought resistant.  There are no trees.  The few mountains are covered with rocky outcrops.  Any equipment left outside get pounded by the sun, heat, sand and wind.  There is a good reason settlers didn’t bother to stop on their way to California.

Finally, the scenery begins to change as you approach the small (very small) town of Ozona, Texas.  The vegetation begins to thicken and there is enough rainfall to support some oak trees.  There are even a few farms scattered along the highway.

We had stayed in this Ozona RV park before, which is perfect for an overnight stay.  And, it is cheap.  Readers of this triplog may recall our stay here last year, when we sat out a terrible series of storms.  There was no stormy weather this year.

Strange things happen on the road.  Before stopping for the night we tanked the coach at a nearby truck stop.  While waiting for the tank to fill, I was approached by a guy selling acetone as a diesel fuel additive to boost fuel economy.  Say what?!  I declined and wondered what the engine designers at Cummins would think about this.  Where did this guy get gallons of acetone from anyway?  And why would he be carrying it around?  Nasty stuff.

After a dinner of grilled salmon, we settled in for a evening reading and watching TV.