Two Days in Deming

The past two days in Deming were mostly spent hanging around the coach and catching up on chores.

High on the list was receiving our latest mail package, which was delivered as General Delivery to the Deming post office.  People we meet frequently ask how we handle mail during our travels.  Most assume our mail is handled by a relative or friend, but the problem with this approach is burdening someone with the task.  One of the travel organizations we belong to, Escapees, offers a mail service for $79 per year plus postage.  All our mail is directly mailed to a mail-drop in Livingston, Texas, where it collects until Escapees receives mailing instructions from us.  Generally, we receive a mail package about once per week.  Escapees even culls through the mail and trashes the junk.  We’ve considering keeping the mail service after we permanently land somewhere.  But, enough about the mail.

While my back was healing, workouts were not an option.  However, washing the coach would be a good substitute.  So, on a sunny day in Deming, New Mexico, out came the bucket, brush and hose.  Four hours later both the coach and car were sparkling clean and my back was no worse for the wear.  Jeanne spent the time cleaning up on the inside.

Not much changed in Deming since we passed through last year.  Generally, it is a small town which serves as a regional shopping center of sorts.  Nevertheless, the town has prospered and some new construction is evident.  Even the Escapees RV park we stayed expanded the main building.  All in all, not bad for a town along I-10 in the middle of nowhere.