The trip to Louisa, Virginia

We got up early, did our workout and got ready to leave when disaster struck!  A flat tire on the Jeep!

After waiting a hour for the AAA to show up, we had one of those “I’ll just do it myself” moments, got out the tire jack and changed the tire.  Shortly afterwards, we were on the road.

Interesting water tower on way to Louisa, Virginia.

Our destination was the small town of Louisa, Virginia, which was close to Civil War battlefields.  We finally arrived and spent about 15 minutes getting the coach into a tight, but really nice, campsite.  I have no idea how we’ll get the coach out.  After our late arrival, we had dinner and watched a DVD.

Contemporary note:  The coach had a backward-looking camera to monitor a two vehicle.  The nightmare scenario is looking at the screen and seeing your tow vehicle sparking down the highway.  This never happened, of course, but it was possible. 

Every time we stopped I did a “walk around” to check the coach, tow vehicle, tires, tow bars and connections.  On this particular morning I was tempted to fire up the rig and leave, but my ‘little voice’ told me to do a walk around.  Sure enough, the one time I was going to skip it we had a flat tire on the Jeep.  Close call.