Louisa and Charlottesville

This turned into a run-errand day.  After a quick breakfast we went into the small town of Louisa to fix the flat tire on the Jeep, do some laundry and pick up some groceries.  Not much going on in this town, it is really small and mainly focused on farming.  Louisa is also the county seat, but unless you looked hard, you wouldn’t know it.

There is a noticeable change in the foliage.   Gone are the palm trees of Florida and the dense pine woods of Georgia.  This part of Virginia has a lot more leafy trees mixed in with the pines, mostly oaks.  Also, the soils are much better here and there are many small farms, mostly growing corn.  This region really is beautiful and if it weren’t for the heat and humidity, it would be on our A list for places to live.  The countryside here is pretty and enjoyable, but not for us.

After our Louisa chores, we made the short drive to Charlottesville to find a Kinko’s for internet service.  We were surprised to find a really nice community and a huge University of Virginia campus.  The University is the dominant feature and gives the community a university-like feel.  We took a short walk through the restored old part of town before the predictable evening thunderstorm chased us off.

We returned to the campground and planned the next few days.