The trip to Fayetteville, North Carolina

The original plan was to do our workout, prepare the coach and hit the road before 9:00.  However, in anticipation of a long discussion with our friends at the local Bank of America branch regarding our ATM card, we had to skip the workout.  We got the coach ready to leave before heading into Rincon for the bank.

To our surprise, the bank offered little resistance regarding the return of our card and from their reaction, we suspected this was a common occurrence at this particular branch.  The Branch Manager gave me a all-knowing look, said there MUST be something wrong with the card and advised me to contact the issuing institution for a replacement.  As an experiment, we went to the ATM at Walmart, swiped the card and withdrew cash.  No problem.  As usual, the great Bank of America Corporation can’t get it right.

After a 200+ mile drive, we stopped for the night in Fayetteville for the night.