Old Savannah

Cotton Exchange building in old Savannah.

The weather report called for afternoon thunderstorms so we decided to get an early start on our tour of historic Savannah.  After arriving at the old part of town, we soon agreed the best and fastest way to see the sights was via one of the sightseeing tour trolleys.  So, for $20 each we got an excellent 90 minute tour of the old part of town.  Due to the poor weather, we didn’t take many pictures but we did enjoy the tour and the charm of the old part of town.

After a late lunch, we returned to the coach to prepare for the long drive ahead of us.

Contemporary note:  One of the interesting things about Old Savannah was building brickwork.  Early on the settlers discovered the river sediment was suitable for making bricks.  Once fired in a kiln, the bricks had a unique color common to many of the buildings.