The Road to Oklahoma City

We woke early and went through the “we’re leaving this place” routine.  Jeanne secured the inside of the coach while I took care of the outside.  With the coach aired up, the slides in and the Jeep hitched, we were on our way.

The drive took longer than anticipated.  From the campground, it took 45 minutes to reach I-540 and we spent another frustrating 45 minutes at a fuel stop in Fayetteville.  The Pilot in Fayetteville is about two blocks off the interstate and is too small to accommodate the truck traffic through it.  In addition, there is no easy way in or out.  To exit, you have to cross a busy highway without a signal.  The final insult was paying $1.95 per gallon for diesel.  If you are traveling through this area, do NOT stop at this Pilot.

Back on the interstate, we headed south to Fort Smith before turning west on I-40.  The countryside through Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma was mostly rolling hills, ranches and woods and eastern Oklahoma was surprisingly hilly and scenic.  Eventually we reached our destination, the KOA in Choctaw, which is just east of Oklahoma City.

For some reason, we were very tired and setting up was an effort.  We grilled a ham steak for dinner and got to bed early.