Last Day in Arkansas

The morning air was cool and dry; perfect for our last workout in Northwest Arkansas.  For the last time during our stay, we ran along the hilly roads startling squirrels and spooking deer.  Running the hills this past month, Jeanne noticeably improved her strength and stamina and looks forward to continued progress.  My achievement here was successfully running a 5K.  We enjoyed our workouts here and will miss this place when we move on tomorrow morning.

The balance of the morning was spent cleaning up and preparing the coach for travel.

In the early afternoon, we went to town to fuel the Jeep and update the computers.

The evening was spent with Faye and Don at their house.  After dinner we said our goodbyes and headed for the coach.  We really had a great time visiting with Faye and Don and are grateful for their hospitality and entertaining moments.  They are dear friends and good people.

At the campground, we also said goodbye to Hoss and Robin and wished them well.  They have been living in their motorhome since leaving Kansas and both are working hard to make a new life for themselves in Northwest Arkansas.  We have no doubt they will make it.  On a future visit, we hope to visit them and hear a story of hard work, persistence and success.

So, tomorrow we move on and we are sad about leaving.  On our trip, this was the first time we stayed in a place to seriously evaluate it for settlement.  To be sure, we spent a lot of time with Faye and Don, but the main focus was learning about the area.  The community certainly offers a lot and we feel comfortable here.  The weather is relatively mild, there are plenty of outdoor activities and friends are already living close by.  We feel a connection and it could work, but there are plenty of other places we need to see before making a decision.  For now, Northwest Arkansas is on the A list.