Visit with Ron and Mary

It was raining when we woke and decided to bag the workout.

The plan for the day was to visit with Ron and Mary, who are friends from Los Angeles.  The faithful reader of this triplog may remember they had met us on the road in Lake Mohave and Fort Lauderdale.  Due to a job transfer, Ron and Mary are living just outside of Oklahoma City in a house that overlooks a small lake and park.  It is clear they have many friends here and have become part of the community.  Their home is just right for their retired lifestyle.

Late in the morning we went to their house and spent the rest of the day catching up on old times.

Ron had purchased a tree stand of a rather unique design and let us borrow a DVD produced by the manufacturer.  Returning to the coach, we watched the DVD and it was hilarious.  The plot was Grandma and Grandpa deer hunting on Moonshine Island, a deserted island deep in the Louisiana swamps surrounded by snakes and gators.  Of course, the trip demonstrates the many uses of the tree stand.  The acting was marginal and the production was amateurish, but we thoroughly enjoyed the DVD.  I especially enjoyed one of Grandma’s lines “I don’t shoot bullets.  I shoot tombstones!”  She was an expert shot.