The Malibu House

It was a classic Santa Ana wind morning in Southern California and you could see for miles, provided you weren’t looking towards Los Angeles.

Jeanne went to help Heather and CeeCee and I headed for my friend Doug in Malibu.

Many years ago, Doug and I met as undergraduates in college.  It’s a long story but I’ll keep it short:  The case study class we were taking required students to form study groups of four.  By chance, Doug and I were placed in the same group and Doug quickly impressed me with his unique approach to problem solving.  Of course his analysis of the cases was right on, but how he got to the answer was elegant and confounding.  When it turned out we literally lived across the street from each other in North Hollywood, we formed a friendship that lasts to this day.  After college, our paths through life were very different but we always kept in touch and got together when time allowed.  A few years after college, Doug met Karen through some mutual friends and they eventually married.  Both Jeanne and I very much enjoy their company.

Today Doug and I had the opportunity to get together at his house in the hills overlooking Malibu.  We talked for a long time, walked around the property and had a great lunch that Karen had left for us.  Later in the afternoon, Karen returned from some errands and we all caught up on the past year.  It was good to see both of them again and we plan to see them often while we’re here in Southern California.

On the way back to the coach, I picked up Jeanne.  We grilled some ribs for dinner and proceeded to prepare our ballots for tomorrow’s voting.