Election Day!

It’s Election Day, and also Workout Day.  Damn.

Despite our miserable workout two days ago, the workout today was relatively easy.  For the first time in a weeks, I ran a continuous 30 minutes in hilly terrain.  After cleaning up we headed to the polling place to cast our ballots.

Due to our mail forwarding service, the mail is usually delayed a week or so depending on travel, mailing instructions, etc.  This delay and a late mailing by the County of Ventura caused Jeanne to receive her absentee ballot only a few days before the election.  Since returning the ballot via mail was not an option, we decided to bring the ballots to the polling place in person.

At the polling place, it was quite a challenge explaining why we were voting in California with a Texas mailing address.  Fortunately, Jeanne recognized one of the poll workers who knew her mother for years.  This connection, along with our California driver licenses, was enough to get us into the voting booth.  The experience was annoying, but I don’t blame the workers for being careful.

After voting, Jeanne spent some time with CeeCee while I updated the computers.  Eventually we returned to the coach to watch the voting results.  We stayed up long into the night and like the rest of the country, finally went to bed without being sure who the next president would be.