Fish Tacos and Accounting

In the morning we hung around the coach to watch the election results.  Eventually there was a concession speech, an acceptance speech and the country knew who would be president for the next four years.  Like most everyone else, we were relieved it was all over — all those nasty elections ads were annoying.

The rest of the day was spent running errands.  For lunch, we went to a small restaurant near the Ventura harbor for fish tacos.  The idea of fish tacos may seem gross to some of our east coast friends and although they may be an acquired taste, they go nicely with Bud Light.  Trust us on this one, fish tacos are good eats.

After lunch we met with David, our friend and family accountant.  Many years ago, Jeanne connected with Ellen while working at State Fund.  In those early years, State Fund employees were a close knit group that frequently socialized outside the workplace.  Through these events we met Ellen’s husband David and eventually formed a friendship.  When it turned out that David was a talented CPA with a tax practice, he mercifully took over our income tax preparation and has provided excellent service and advise ever since.

We talked about our families, the election, tax issues and accounting trends.  Yes, accounting issues can be interesting to accountants.  It was a good visit and we are glad to see David and his family are doing well.  We hope to see them again during our stay here in Southern California.

We returned to the coach and spent a quiet evening watching the talking heads on TV discuss the election results before going to bed.