Ghosts and Goblins

For no reason at all, we rolled out of bed a lot later than usual.  We suspect it was a combination of travel, time change, staying up late or all of the above.  Anyway, by the time we downed our morning coffee and shifted into workout mode, it was already 9:30.  What lazy bums.

The weights and Pilates went o.k., but the run was hopeless.  The campground is located next to a creek and the only way out is to follow the road upstream, which is uphill.  So, without getting much of a warm-up the run goes uphill for about half a mile.  Combined with our layoff from altitude and travel, the run was disaster.  We completed the intervals and hoped our next workout will be a little better.

After cleaning up we updated the computers at Borders before heading to Andy and Dannette’s house for a Halloween get together and to watch the kids prepare for trick-or-treat.  We visited with the family for quite some time while the kids got ready.  Just before they left, we got some good pictures.  The costumes were great and showed a lot of imagination.

With the kids out the door, we took our leave and found the neighborhood packed with little ghosts and goblins.

Returning to the coach, we spent a quiet night watching Shrek 2 before going to bed.