Still no rain

We woke expecting hear the patter of rain on the coach, but all we got was silence.  The skies were overcast and the air was heavy, but no rain.  It seems predicting the weather is the only occupation where you can be wrong 70% of the time without being fired.

Without rain as an excuse, we were forced into our morning workout.  The humidity offset the cool air and the run turned into a sweatfest.  This is our last run at this place and we’ll miss it.

After cleaning up, there was still no rain and we decided to clean the inside of the coach.  Jeanne dusted and vacuumed while I got after the windows and screens.  The screens and insides of the windows had not been cleaned in a long time and they were beyond tolerance.  We were amazed when a 5-gallon bucket of water was turned to mud; obviously the chore was long overdue.

About midway through our fall cleaning, one of our fellow campers approached and enthusiastically demonstrated a piece of exercise equipment he purchased at Walmart.  It was a cleaver device and looked like a three foot bar with a spring in the middle.  The object was to exercise your upper body by slowly bending and releasing the spring.  It sort of reminded me of the Wiley Chest Pull my brother and I used when we were kids, which was sort of a bungee cord arrangement.  Anyway, this guy saw us doing our warm-up routine and wanted to share this with us.

The demonstration passed and we returned to our coach cleaning.  We finished about 2:00 PM and hid out under the air conditioners for the remainder of the afternoon.

In the evening, we grilled a ham steak for dinner, watched some TV and then sat outside for a while.  The coach was ready for the trip tomorrow and we were eager to get started.

Contemporary note:  Upon reflection, our exercise routine frequently attracted the attention of nearby campers and their reaction just about covered all human emotion — curiosity, envy, amusement, hostility, skepticism and approval.  On this occasion, the guy with the exercise gadget was actually motivated to do something and I hope he kept with it.