Drive to Forth Worth, Texas

It was a tough night and for some reason neither of us slept well.  After stumbling out of bed around 7:30 AM, we decided to have breakfast at one of the local places in Kingston, about three miles down the road.  Eating breakfast out is unusual for us and reserved for those mornings when doing anything is a major effort.  The hot food and coffee gave us courage to face the day.

Making the final preparations to leave, I chatted with the neighbor who is a recently retired teacher.  For 30 years, she taught art to junior high school kids. There is no doubt she was a good teacher and popular with her students, but the retirement thing was new and she had not yet made the mental break with work.  I told her teaching junior high school would be good training for corporate middle-managers.  I wished her a long and happy retirement then fired up the coach and drove off.

Aside from Oklahoma University football fans making their way to Texas for the big game, the drive to Burleson was mostly uneventful.  The route took us through the middle of Fort Worth, but traffic was light.  Shortly before stopping we filled the tank at $2.07 per gallon for diesel — a painful experience.

The RV park is just south of Fort Worth and is set up for big rigs.  Each site is a pull-through with full hookups and 50 amp electrical service.  The park is relatively new with paved roads, good drainage and open sites to accommodate satellite TV.  This will be a good place to hide out for a few days.

After setting up, we called Leo to make plans and headed for the Borders Books to update the computers.  It had been two weeks since we downloaded messages and there were over 500 e-mails waiting.  95% of it was e-junk that ranged from annoying to offensive.  It took a while to sift out the few legitimate messages.  Before signing off, I updated this web site — a chore long overdue.

We had an underwhelming dinner at a Mexican buffet before returning to the coach to watch the second presidential debate.  It was like watching reality TV where the outcome really mattered.  Some of it was strangely familiar; I seem to recall the last presidential candidate with a secret plan to end a war was Richard Nixon.  We’re tired of all the politics and want the election to be over.

After watching the debate, it took a while to calm down enough to fall asleep.