Rock vs Windshield

The morning was blustery, but no rain.  Mercifully the weather is cooling down.  I would have been happy to stay snuggled in bed, but Jeanne shamed me into doing the workout.  We will be traveling the next few days and may not have a chance to run.  We were glad to get it over with.

After cleaning up, we headed for Borders Books to update the computers and buy some magazines to read while we’re on the move — no telling if we’ll have satellite TV reception.

Closeup of hole made in windshield by rock kicked up on freeway. Damn, this is going to take a few bucks to fix.

On the way back to the coach, disaster struck in the form of rock-meets-windshield.  A construction truck changed lanes and kicked up several large stones in the roadway, one of which cracked the Jeep windshield.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  We tried to get it fixed, but all the glass places needed at least a day advance notice.  We’ll take care of it when we land in Albuquerque.  At least it wasn’t one of the massive windshields on the coach.

We hid out at the coach for the rest of the day.  Jeanne read and did laundry while I did some preparation to leave and worked with the computer.

On our visit to Fort Worth, it was good seeing Leo and Grace, but it was sort of like camping in the city and we’re looking forward to moving on.