Mosquito City

The partly cloudy skies and light winds promised a good travel day and we hit the road around 9:30.

The route Jeanne mapped out has us traveling for the next four days, each day averages around 200 miles.  This is a leisurely pace that allows for some schedule ‘wiggle room’ if we need it.  We found each travel day presents a unique challenge and there is no sense in pushing ourselves.

Our destination was the small town of Vernon, Texas, which is between Fort Worth and Amarillo.  Our route was US287, which is a good highway.  The terrain really flattened out after leaving Fort Worth.  It looked like the large ranches were mostly used for raising cattle.  There is little else.

Around 2:00 we pulled into the campground, began to set up and immediately got attacked by hungry mosquitoes.  A quick check of the area revealed drainage on three sides and we quickly set up and retreated to the interior of the coach.

Right next to the campground was a brand new Walmart Supercenter.  For travelers, this is Nirvana and we took advantage of our good fortune.

Aside from chatting with our neighbor who uses his rig to travel for work, we kicked back for the rest of the day and got to bed early.