New Year Eve with the Family

New Year’s Eve and it was raining.  In fact, it poured overnight and a quick check of the campground confirmed some of the campsites had flooded.  We are lucky to be in one of the better-drained sites.  With mud covering the road in several places, we decided to skip the workout, especially the run.

Jeanne whipped up pancakes for breakfast.  Afterwards, I cleaned up from breakfast while Jeanne and Hailee played Clue, a board game Hailee received for Christmas.  We dropped off Hailee around noon and returned to the coach to prepare food for the evening get together at Andy and Dannette’s house.  The afternoon was quietly spent at the coach.

Around 5:00, we headed for Andy and Dannette’s for dinner and to wait for the new year.  It was a nice evening spent with family and friends and a good time was had by all.  After midnight, we returned to the coach with Adam, one of the grandsons, who would be spending the night with us.