“Aim-Point” Adam at the range

We woke a little later than usual.  I had a mild hangover, but nothing a strong cup of coffee wouldn’t handle.

The plan was for me to take Adam shooting at the Angeles Shooting Range.  At the moment, Adam and I were hungry and Jeanne was still in bed sound asleep.  We decided to let Godzilla sleep and headed to McDonalds for breakfast.  When we returned, Jeanne was awake and had thoughtfully packed a lunch for us.  We loaded up the Jeep and headed out.

The range was a little busier on New Year Day than I had expected, but at least it wasn’t raining.  After demonstrating a safe and competent handling of the rifle, Adam started plinking the silhouettes.  When he could confidently pick off the farthest silhouettes, we moved to the rifle benches and started picking off pieces of clay targets over 100 yards away.  Putting a 36 grain bullet .22LR on a 2-inch target is no easy task for a first-time shooter.  This is a reach for a .22 caliber rifle; the bullet drops about 3 1/2 inches before reaching the target.  In his methodical and patient manner, Adam found the range and began picking off targets at will.  He even flipped a piece of plastic pipe six feet into the air and over the top of the backstop.  Good shooting!  From now on, he’ll be knows as “Aim-Point” Adam.

Near the end of the session Adam cranked off a few rounds from Grandpa’s .223, which he put dead-center on the silhouette 100 yards away.  Good job!  In all, Adam went through close to 500 rounds of ammo.  Quite a day of shooting for the first time out.

After dropping Adam off at home, we spent the rest of the evening quietly at the coach.