Hailee Sleeps Over

When we woke it looked like rain was imminent, which was the perfect excuse to avoid the workout.  I am getting concerned though, every day the workout is delayed it’s just that much harder to get going again.  We’ll see what develops over the next few days.

Overall, it was a lazy morning and we hung around the coach.  Around noon, finally getting up enough ambition to see what the outside world was up to, we called Jeanne’s mother’s house to see if CeeCee was ready to head home.  CeeCee recovered nicely from the ulcer but while she was in the hospital the docs discovered she also had a mild case of shingles, which is a form of Chicken Pox.  The docs recommended she avoid contact with kids, so she ended up staying with her sister Barbara for about two weeks.  It was finally time for her to return home.  After several phone calls to coordinate the move, we showed up at Barbara’s house to find CeeCee packed and ready to go.  About an hour later, CeeCee was back home and all was back to normal.

Later that afternoon, we picked up one of the granddaughters, Hailee, to spend the night with us at the coach.  When we arrived to pick her up, she was packed and ready to go.  The sleepover kids get a choice of their favorite foods for dinner and Hailee opted for pizza, so we found ourselves at Round Table Pizza, again.  Returning to the coach, we watched “Elf” and “School of Rock” again and decided it was time for some new kids movies.  By the time Hailee was warmly tucked into bed, it was raining heavily.