Mike and Gwen

The weather turned ugly.  The rain last night woke us up several times and it was still raining when it got light outside.  We found Ali snuggled into the sleeping bag toasty-warm.  After a quick breakfast, I picked up around the coach while Jeanne and Ali played a round of “Life”, a board game Ali received for Christmas.

Our plan was to spend the afternoon with Mike and Gwen, friends from Los Angeles who would be in the area for the day.  They called a little before noon, which was just about the time we were getting ready to take Ali home.  We met them at the coach a short time later.

It was raining when they arrived, so we limited the coach tour to the inside only.  After visiting for a while, we drove to town for lunch at the old standby, La Cabana.  We very much enjoyed visiting with them and catching up on their busy lives.  Part of the conversation included the sharing of family and work experiences.  The lunch lasted almost two hours and we were very happy to have had the time to talk.

We returned to the coach and spent the evening quietly reading.