Ali Sleeps Over

We got up late, very late and the lingering effects of Christmas weighed heavily on our workout.  Too much partying, rich food and late nights certainly slows you down.  After cleaning up we lingered around the coach.

Later in the afternoon, we picked up one of the granddaughters, Ali, so she could spend the night with us.  Ali is one of five kids in the household and it is a rare treat to spend some alone time with the grandparents.  Well, this was her special night and it started with her choice of favorite eating places:  McDonalds, Taco Bell, Burger King or Round Table Pizza.  Ali opted for Taco Bell and that evening she dined on a Nacho Supreme.  Returning to the coach, we played dominoes and watched the movie “Elf” late into the night.  The weather was turning cold so we bundled her up in my heavy-duty cammo sleeping bag and added a down comforter.  She was almost crushed under the weight but slept warm.