Santa Arrives!

Santa Claus visited the coach last night and left a pile of presents and full stockings!

For a breakfast treat, Jeanne prepared cinnamon rolls with gobs of icing.  This would be the first of many treats we would eat today that were either constructed of sugar or coated with sugar.  Maybe the dietary impact of the rolls was cancelled by the soy fake-bacon, sort of like how debits and credits in accounting cancel each other out.  We’ll just have to ask the doctor.

Santa was wise this year and came up with some very practical and light-weight gifts.  Both Jeanne and I were pleased.  Jeanne looked especially radiant in her new clingy red sweater.

After opening our presents, we headed for Andy and Dannette’s house to spend the day with the family.  As the kids get older, each Christmas is a little different.  This year Santa came up with lots of practical things like warm clothes for the kids and household items for the adults and equipment to care for newborn Erika.  The girls got some fingernail polish and a machine that puts beads in their hair — indications that the girls are getting dangerously close to the Godzilla years.  The boys got videos and a few outdoor toys.  Indeed the kids are maturing and it is evident their Christmas expectations are changing.

Typical for Christmas Day, the kids fiddled with their stuff while the adults watched TV and snacked.  Dannette organized an excellent dinner and by late afternoon, everyone was paralyzed from overeating.  There was a huge choice of desserts; I opted for my favorite, pumpkin pie.  The adults avoided the ‘dog breath’ cookies.

The day was well organized and we genuinely appreciate the effort Dannette and Andy made to host the event and everyone else who contributed.  We very much enjoyed the day.

We left just before dark and stopped to visit with Barbara and CeeCee before returning to the coach.