Lazy in Las Vegas

We are waiting out the weather and for the most part, very little was accomplished these past few days.

Generally, the weather has been overcast and windy, but the daytime temperature reaches into the high 60’s.  We mostly run errands or do a workout in the morning, then spend the rest of the day lazing around the coach.  We recently discovered the TV series House at the local Blockbuster and zoned out watching the 20 episodes of season one.  Without all the commercials, it goes fast.  Also, we’re back in the land of the Walmart Supercenter and took the opportunity to stock up on all our usual brands at Walmart prices.  The in-coach Wi-Fi internet is certainly a luxury.

Readers wanting to hear about our big winnings at the casinos will be disappointed.  Except for the once-per-trip breakfast buffet orgy at the Mandalay Bay, we stay out of the hotels.  Been there, done that.  Maybe, just maybe, we will hit Emeril’s at the MGM Grand for a special lunch treat, but leave before loosing any money.