Crab Cakes, Beer and Donuts

Sometimes the best laid plans are laid to waste.  Today was no exception.

One of the unexpected things about this lifestyle is how difficult it is to keep the inside of the coach clean.  Specifically the carpet.  The surface of the campsite can be concrete, asphalt, gravel, sand, dirt, grass, etc. and all of it gets tracked into the rig.  The limited floor space doesn’t help.  We try to take our shoes off and vacuum regularly, but eventually the carpets have to be cleaned.  Today was the day.

The carpet cleaning process should have taken about an hour, but it stretched into a three hour ordeal.  Adapting to conditions, we rescheduled our activities.  Our first stop was Emeril’s restaurant at the MGM Grand hotel.  Jeanne likes the crab cakes and the fried calamari does it for me.  So we sat at the bar, ordered beer and appetizers and enjoyed the ambiance.  Rarely in life do you get what you want; this was one of those moments.  Afterwards we crossed the Las Vegas Strip to the Excalibur Hotel and went directly to the Krispy Kreme shop for dessert.  Yes, we had crab cakes, beer and donuts for lunch.  My mother always said that when I’m an adult, I can eat whatever I want.

We had some time to kill while the carpet was drying out.  Jeanne produced a two-for-one coupon to the Liberace Museum and in a moment of alcohol-induced weakness, I agreed.  Located a few blocks east of the Las Vegas Strip, the Liberace Museum is a few non-descript buildings that used to be a strip mall.  Skepticism quickly turned to amusement and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Despite his eccentricities, he was a talented musician who enjoyed putting on a great show.  If you’re ever in Las Vegas and get tired of the casino scene, the Liberace Museum is a great diversion.

We finally returned to the coach in the late afternoon and found the desert air had mostly dried the carpet.  The cleaners did a good job.  The rest of the day was spent quietly watching TV.

The day couldn’t have turned out better if we had planned it.