Getting ready to leave Las Vegas

We woke early to a typical desert morning.  There was lots to do and we wanted to get an early start.  First on the list was the workout, which would be our last in Las Vegas for a while.  Afterwards, we went to Walmart, Vons and fueled the car.  Back at the coach, while Jeanne washed one last load of laundry, I checked the oil, tires and washed the windshield.  It was the usual hit-the-road stuff.

Knowing we would be away from the convenience of the big city, I asked Jeanne if there was anything she wanted that wouldn’t be available for a while.  Baja Fresh is her favorite fast-food place, so that was our dinner choice.  The meal was as good as expected.

We returned to the coach and settled in for a quiet evening, but around 7:00 the wind started blowing.  Howling is more like it.  We hadn’t experienced wind like this for a long time and it went on for hours.  Knowing we had to hit the road tomorrow was concerning, but we had driven in bad weather before.  If nothing else, it would be exciting.

Ready to go, we went to bed around 10:00.  Buffeted by the wind, the coach rocked us to sleep.