Avoiding NASCAR

The weather changed and we woke to overcast skies.  For once the weather forecast may have gotten it right.  At least the winds abated somewhat.

Our destination is the small town of Mesquite, Nevada, which is close to the Arizona border along I-15.  Maybe a 95 mile drive at best.  It will be a good place to hide out for a few days while watching the weather.

We had to time our departure carefully to avoid the NASCAR traffic.  The racetrack is located a little north of town along I-15 and with 100,000 spectators expected to attend, all the roads around the event will be jammed.  With rain in the forecast, it will be a mess.

We pulled out 10:00 and we managed to get by the racetrack with little delay.  The wind, however, changed direction and was hitting us broadside the entire trip.  Going slow, the coach handled it well but driving required my constant attention.  Nearing Mesquite, the weather turned ugly and we drove through areas of light rain, light snow and shush balls.

The RV park at the Oasis Casino in Mesquite is little more than a parking lot with hookups.  We arrived shortly after noon and hooked up minutes before a slushy rain started falling.  We had lunch and settled in for a quiet afternoon.