Angry Birds

As the sun was just coming over the horizon, we woke to someone tapping on the coach.  We are always cautious about opening the door to anyone, especially in a place like Barstow.  We carefully peeked through the curtains.  Nobody was there.  The tapping continued.

What gives?

It turned out we had parked under a bird nest and the birds could see their reflection in the chrome support of the front mirror.  Believing their territory was being invaded the birds were furiously pecking at the mirror support.  The tapping sound echoed through the coach.  How annoying.  Without success, we tried to shoo them away but they were fearless.  There was only one thing left to do: eat breakfast and leave.  I wonder if the birds really believed that they beat off an attacking 32,000 pound motorhome?

As usual, the drive to Vegas was uneventful.  From Barstow, there are three very long uphill-downhill runs before you cross into Nevada.  Crossing the state line is no surprise, since you can spot the casinos several miles in the distance.  We stopped at the state line to rest and have lunch and then made one more stop at the small gambling town of Jean for fuel.  Our destination was the Oasis RV park on the south edge of Las Vegas.  As big as the place is, over 700 sites, we were lucky to have reservations.  The town was slowly filling up for a NASCAR race on March 11.  We arrived, checked in and parked.  The plan was to spend a week in Las Vegas before moving on.  Since we had been here before many times, we knew the town and could get anything we would need for the rest of the trip to Grand Junction.

Once again, it was good to be back on the road.