Last day on the farm

This was the last day at the “Farm” and we stayed at the coach to catch up on domestic chores and prepare to move on.

After sunset, we went for a walk.  It was a pleasant, warm night.  We sat on a flat rock overlooking one of the alfalfa fields and watched the fireflies.  It was quite a show.  Waves of fireflies would rise out of the alfalfa, tens of thousands of them, then slowly settle back into the field.  We would wait a few minutes and the show would start all over again.  It was mesmerizing.

This really is a nice spot and I hope the family decides to keep the property as a working farm.

Contemporary note:  When Jeanne and I reminisce about the trip, we usually include the special firefly night in Virginia.  It was a memorable moment in time that will be ours forever.