Kingman, Arizona

The day started out cold and blustery and never changed.  It was a good thing we planned to sit out the storm in Kingman since travel would be iffy at best.

Several days passed since we downloaded e-mail and posted updates to this web site.  Usually we can find a high-speed internet connection, but not in Kingman, Arizona.  Finally, someone suggested we try the Flying J.  In desperation, I decided to give it a try, but paying a $4.95 connection fee is an annoyance.

The Flying J in Kingman is beehive of activity.  The steady flow of trucks, cars, RVs and bums never lets up for a moment.  If you want to lead a quiet life, you don’t want to hang out at a Flying J.  I steeled myself for the experience and headed out.

Arriving, I saw a huge chunk of ice quietly melting at the RV island; the thing must have weighed 100 pounds.  Obviously, it was stuck to some unsuspecting RV and it confirmed our decision to get out of the high country ahead of the storm.  Connecting to the network was easy and after a few tries, I finally linked to the give-us-your-credit-card-info page.  I logged in and started downloading over 500 e-mails, 492 of which were the usual e-junk.  After answering a few e-mails, I updated this site and checked to see if everything was working as designed.  Was the $4.95 worth two hours of connect time?  Are markets efficient in a capitalistic economy?

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the coach hiding out from the intermittent rain showers.  During the brief periods of sun, I went outside to prepare the coach for travel.  Due to election-news burnout, we didn’t watch much TV.  Most of the day was spent reading and working on the computer.

After a dinner of leftovers, we packed our gym clothes for tomorrow morning and got to bed early.