Return to the Golden State

When we got up an almost-full moon and stars filled the sky.  A cup of coffee got us moving.

We headed to gym just as it started to get light and found several die-hards were already there.  The workout was an effort, but we got through it.  I even got in 30 continuous minutes of running on the treadmill.

We grabbing some breakfast before returning to the coach.  Preparing for travel, we heard a crunching noise when the slides were pulled in.  It turned out ice that had formed on the slide covers.  It must have been cold last night!

It was a smooth ride through Arizona, but the moment we crossed into California the road was as bad as I-10 through Louisiana.  I’ll never understand why California roads are so bad when the state collects billions in fuel tax.  Instead of fixing the roads, the California brain trust reduced the speed limit to 55 for trucks to collect even more money in fines.  Welcome to the Golden State!  This is only one of thousands of schemes to separate money from California citizens.  This was the first reminder why we decided to leave the state.  

On second thought, the environmentalists are smart economists and eventually they will depopulate the state by strangling the infrastructure.  But this is a discussion for another day.

We were going to stop outside of Barstow but decided to continue on to the KOA in Victorville, which isn’t a bad place for one night.  We pulled in around 2:00 and set up in the same spot we occupied almost one year ago.  Even the water spigot handle I broke was still there.

Later in the afternoon we headed for dinner.  Victorville is not a big community and is literally out in the middle of the desert.  It is the last place you would expect to find traffic, but the traffic was absolutely awful.  Every intersection was jammed, cars were zipping around every which-way and traffic was moving fast.  I had forgotten what the California traffic was like and this was the second reminder why we decided to leave.  By the time we got back to the coach, I was suffering from ‘traffic shock’.  How did we put up with it all those years?

Since we couldn’t get satellite TV, the rest of the evening was spent quietly reading and working with the computers.  We look forward to heading for Santa Paula tomorrow.

Contemporary note:  Years later I became aware of Agenda 21 and the plan for environmentalists and their useful idiots, urban planners, to strangle infrastructure and force the population into ‘Human Settlements’.  I’m not making this stuff up.  I always wondered why California refused to maintain infrastructure and the political agenda behind it.  Now I know.  But that’s a discussion for another day. . .