The Quilt Machine

We woke early, had coffee and headed for the gym before the rain started.

We did a full workout at the gym, which wasn’t too bad considering it had been a while.  The full-pressure showers with unlimited hot water were very much appreciated.  As we headed for the coach, it began to rain.

It rained steadily all day.  Jeanne used the opportunity to clean the inside of the coach and I tried to stay out of her way.  During our travels, we noticed gravel and small stones are regularly tracked into the coach.  This stuff is an annoyance and the vacuum is the only way to get rid of it.  The longer we’re on the road, the more we appreciate the industrial-strength vacuum we purchased in Florida.

Around 4:00 PM, George, a former co-worker of Jeanne’s, stopped by the coach.  George and his wife Danna invited us to their house for dinner to celebrate their anniversary.  So, following George through the flooded streets of Kingman, Arizona, we soon found ourselves at their cozy abode.  We talked for quite a while before Danna served an sumptuous dinner of ribs, potato salad and all stuff that goes with it.  It was an excellent meal and I won first place in the clean-bone derby.

We knew quilting was Danna’s lifelong hobby.  However, during the discussion we found out that Danna is waiting for delivery of a quilting machine.  Not knowing much about quilting, I always assumed it was a handicraft kind of thing where the most sophisticated machinery was a sewing machine.  How wrong I was.  Much to my amazement, the machine she purchased is over 12 feet long and will take up most of their garage space.  Try to imagine a sewing machine on steroids and you begin to get the picture.  This is truly an industrial strength piece of equipment.  I have no doubt Danna will put it to good use and we certainly want to see some of the output on a future trip to Kingman.

Anyway, after a great meal and visit, we headed for the coach.  On reflection, we’re glad to see George and Danna are doing well.

The rest of the evening was spent listening to the rain while reading and updating this triplog.