House Pictures

The past few days have been spent chasing paperwork and planning to move our stuff.  Everything seems to be going according to plan and the closing is scheduled for April 28th.

The immediate issue is making the house habitable.  Everything we need for everyday living is in the coach and it would be an easy process to pull the rig up to the house and unload.  The only appliance missing is a refrigerator, which is quietly resting in storage in California.  In the intervening weeks, we may make a California run to pick up a few things, but that remains to be seen.  In the meantime the planning continues.

The weather has been spotty.  California has suffered through a series of storms that seem to drift this direction, but by the time they arrive all we get is a few showers.  On one break in the weather, we snapped a few pictures of the house and associated them with this triplog entry.  Once the sellers clear out their stuff, we’ll get some inside pictures.

Otherwise, things have been quiet.