The Search Ends!

We signed papers to purchase a house and if all goes according to plan, closing should be April 28.  The past few days has been a house-related paper chase, but all seems to be in order and we don’t foresee anything to stop the deal.  Pictures will be posted in a few days.

With all our efforts focused on the house purchase, there has been little time to do anything else.  However, the purchase will set into motion a string of events which includes moving our household items from California to Colorado, selling the coach, purchasing a second vehicle, establishing ourselves as Colorado residents and on and on.  Having gone through the moving drill before, we know that sooner or later it will all get done.

However, one question remains unanswered: What determines the end of the Excellent Adventure?  The closing on the house?  Selling the coach?  Registering as Colorado residents?

Just as important, what next?

We’ll just have to think it through.