Floating in the lake

We spent the morning at the campground doing laundry and getting a few things ready to leave.  We then made a run into town to update the computers and pick up lunch.  The plan was to spend the day with Faye and Don, possibly going out on the lake in their boat.

As with most things, the best laid plans are usually laid to waste.  Arriving at the house, Don was having trouble with the electricity at the dock, which meant he couldn’t put the charger on the battery, which meant the boat would not start.  No problem.  We had lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon floating in the lake.  It was lazy, decadent and a welcome relief from the heat.  Afterwards, we played dominoes.

We returned to the campground early and found the place had gotten busy — looked like two family reunions were taking place at the same time.

We went to bed early.