Feeling Better

Our life is getting back to normal.

Yesterday, we went to town to pick up e-mails, wash the car, make some phone calls and do a few other things.  I’m feeling much better and it was good to get out again.  In the afternoon, we even went for a swim.

Today, Jeanne planned to leave early to spend the day with a former co-worker now living in southern Missouri.  She would be gone all day but before she left I wanted to check the pressure in the Jeep tires.  Yesterday while washing the Jeep, I noticed the tires ‘looked’ different and got suspicious.  Sure enough, one of the tires was inflated to 44 psi cold!  I immediately adjusted the pressure.  The only thing I could figure was someone at the tire place in Texas overfilled the tire in error.  Good thing the Jeep wasn’t overloaded; it could have led to disaster.

One of the e-mails we picked up had the information needed to complete the June financial report for the club.  It took the entire morning to pull it together.  The end of the process includes sending an e-mail with the attached report and mailing a CD with the backup files.  Taking care of the club books might be a little time-consuming, but I don’t mind.  It forces me to keep my accounting skills sharp and lend a hand to the club.

Readers of this triplog may recall that Jeanne found work for me modifying the campground map.  Well, one good thing leads to another and the campground owners presented me with a few changes.  The changes were time consuming, but not difficult.  I spent most of the afternoon erasing trees, making trails, moving a lake and labeling cabins.  I felt powerful being able to rearrange the campground with a keyboard and mouse.  The changes were finished and given to the owners late in the afternoon.  To my relief, they were happy and the map project was officially over.

Knowing Jeanne would be tired and hungry when she returned, I got things ready for dinner.  She showed up about 5:30 PM and dinner was served shortly thereafter.  Jeanne had a good time visiting with her friend and shared a little of the conversation.  The rest of the evening was spent visiting with our campground friends, Bob and Connie, before we went to bed.